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About Us

Brittany Bardot’s



In this alternative take on the classic Nordic Valhalla myth, under the matriarchy of fierce warrior Queen [Brittany Bardot], a band of recently slain Vikings are welcomed into god Odin’s palatial hall. Fresh from battle, the bloodied warriors toast and feast. High on adrenaline, the revelry soon turns boisterous, and two men fuelled by drink, fight for the attentions of a luscious warrior maiden. Chaos ensues and one male warrior is cut down. Partly for her own sexual gratification, a kinky Valkyrie [one of Odin’s handmaids] materialises to resurrect the dead warrior with sex. A carnal gangbang ensues. In competition for menfolk, the Queen and maidens soon trade blows. Eventually, they all die and our Valkyrie re-appears to lead all the warriors’ souls into the afterlife [Valhalla] – a place of honour, glory and happiness.